Aromatherapy Spa Bags

Aromatherapy Spa Bags


Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spa Bags

  • Place in the cup holder of your car for an aromatherapy driving experience - lift to your nose and inhale for an added effect

  • Wrap in a cloth and place in your gym bag (*contains oil or grapeseed oil)

  • Place in the corner of your underwear or sock drawer

  • Order a few to place on your office desk to use as a sachet

  • Encourage yourself by reading the attached unique inspirational message

  • Use by attaching string to the bathtub allowing hot water to run through it

  • Hold the warm Spa Bag to your nose while bathing for deep breathing and mental relaxation

  • Use as an oatmeal cleansing cloth while rubbing the Spa Bag in a light circular motion on your skin. It will release oatmeal and essential oils for a skin nourishing experience. Simply rinse away your warm bath water.

Enjoy the awesome fragrance of one of these oatmeal bath teas! Simply tie the string to your faucet then turn on your warm bath water. As the water passes through the bath tea, it will release the essential oil blend and nourishing oils into the water. The bath teas also contain salts that will help soothe your tired muscles. You may choose to bathe with your regular mild soap or one of the Rest Alive essential oils bar soaps during your bath. Once you have relaxed and breathed in the essential oils, you may take the bath tea and gently rub it in a circular motion onto your arms and legs for added nourishment. The tea bag is designed to operate like a cloth as it rubs onto your skin. You'll feel the warm oatmeal and essential oil coat your skin. You may wish to rinse it away with your bath water and then you are set to enjoy your lovely fragrant skin!

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Contains oatmeal to nourish and soften your skin, Epsom salts to soothe your tired muscles, and essential oils to supply your skin with a fragrant scent and wellness benefits. 

Use within about 2 weeks of delivery for best results.