Warm Foot Bath - A La Carte

Warm Foot Bath - A La Carte


This warm essential oil foot bath is an amazing addition to your individual or group meditation session! You can enjoy submerging your feet into the salted, wonderfully aromatic, warm, water. You get to choose from a variety of essential oils for a customized experience. The salts will soothe your achy tired feet and the oils will replenish and nourish your lovely skin. You can choose to do this during the first 15 minutes of meditation or keep your feet submerged for the entire session. Your feet will thank you for it! You get to keep the foot tub and towel for your next meditation session!

At $25.00 each, this a la carte service option includes all of the following:

  • Your Personal Foot Tub

  • Your Personal Foot Towel

  • Bath Salts added to your water

  • Essential Oils added to your water

  • Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil added to your water

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