Nature Photography

Rest Alive LLC. and other participants, takes light hikes along the nature trails at Tifft Nature Preserve. Photography is often taken of the beautiful waters, trees, plant life and of the variety of animals. The lovely Warblers were a sight to see and a beautiful sound to hear. Tifft Nature Preserve has an abundance of wildlife including geese, goslings, chipmunks, birds, and deer. It is a peaceful and scenic adventure that is sure to be relaxing. We encourage you to join us for the upcoming nature photography sessions. All you'll need is protective shoes and a camera. You will love the fresh air and reflecting back at your photos!



Spring and Summer is finally here! We can enjoy the warmth of the sun, fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise, and good conversation. Rest Alive LLC. has enjoyed several hiking opportunities so far this year. Western New York is full of awesome parks with hiking trails and beautiful scenery. The trails range from light/easy terrain to moderate trails. Some trails will require a brisk walk while others will just require a nice slow, scenic, stroll. We will conduct an outdoor meditation and hiking adventure at the next local outdoor event. We hope that you can stop and smell the roses with us. Continue to check our site for updates.  




Sub-alpine terrace and astonishing views