Group Meditation Session

Group Meditation Session

from 175.00

Consider adding a meditation package to your next office wellness day! Now is the time to start a wellness day or week, if your office does not already have one. Self care should be practiced regularly in order to perform well and to ensure longevity in your respective field. If you notice company moral or production is low, gift your team with a Group Meditation Session. This Group Meditation Session is designed to be cleansing and nourishing to your mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself to sit or lay quietly as you practice proper breathing while listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. Studies have shown that meditation is highly effective in reducing stress. Grab a protein shake and use your next lunch break for the benefits of meditation. I will come to your dental office, medical office, or place of business for a quality meditation experience. Reward your staff or group with a meditation session by scheduling one today.

* You may also wish to add a warm foot bath with salts and essential oils to your wellness package* Check the A La Carte section for more information.

This is also a great addition for other adult groups such as:

  • Writers Groups

  • Artists: Painters, Poets, Dancers, Singers, Rappers

  • Church Ministries and Groups

  • Yoga Organizations and Groups

  • Wellness, Health, and Fitness Groups

  • Team Based Leagues and Groups

This is also a great gift for youth groups such as:

  • Girl Scouts

  • Boy Scouts

  • Drill Teams

  • Dance Groups

  • School Based Groups

  • Clubs and Sports Teams

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