Trademark Rest Alive T-shirt

Trademark Rest Alive T-shirt


100% Cotton T-Shirt with Rest Alive LLC. TM slogan. White in color with black lettering. “Slaying” ALL day may be harmful to your health. Make sure you find rest and nourishment for you mind, body and spirit while you are alive. Remind yourself and others of this formula to success!

Slay Giants- Slay what is in your way of your destiny, do great things, achieve & succeed at accomplishing the great goals that lie before you

Eat Well- Eat balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables and whole grains, drink plenty of water (your body and tissues need water)

Rest Alive LLC.- Sleep well at night, meditate, take a nature walk, live freely

Repeat- Balance stress by living a balanced life, be physically, mentally and spiritually well in all that you do

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100% cotton t-shirt. Wear as is or cut into the style of your desire